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The Masque Theatre is a unique historic space, a gorgeous little theatre that you will find on Muizenberg Road in Cape Town, South Africa. The theatre is 61 years old, and is both home to many of the community theatre societies in Cape Town, and a professional venue-for-hire: a favourite spot amongst our Southern Peninsula audiences.

We’re using this time in lockdown to shake out our feathers and build a brand new fun and happy info-packed site, so when we’re once again able to host performers and audiences safely, you’ll have all the info you need to enjoy our shows once more.

Read on though, there’s lots happening…

backabuddy.co.za/masqueWith the closure of our doors, our little theatre faces the possibility of permanent closure. To avoid that at all costs we’re reaching out to the many thousands who have made magic memories at the Masque: www.backabuddy.co.za/masque – please do visit and consider hitting that Donate button!


Thespians come play! Bertie’s Ghostlights

Our initiative birthed out of the #Lockdown: we’re creating live in-the-moment theatre experiences, with the key element being friendly human interaction. Sign up below to receive a weekly event schedule, with a range of theatre-linked events – including our “In Conversation” series, where we have a genuine ‘chat’ with  different theatre luminaries, such as Pieter-Dirk Uys and UK Theatre star Lucian Msamati.

Click the link to sign up: Bertie’s Ghostlights

The name Bertie’s Ghostlights is in honour of the Masque Theatre founder and original benefactor, Bertie Stern – and the age-old theatre tradition of Ghostlights in a dark theatre “We’ll be back!”


Coming As Soon As We Can…

Sister Act – The Musical

The 2020 cast and crew of Sister Act waiting in the wings for when we reopen our doors and can hit rehearsals and invite guests again, watch this space!

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Constantiaberg Theatre Players have been rehearsing Twelfth Night digitally, sharing their work with the Berties Ghostlight Members with invitations to an open rehearsal, and an evening of prepared selected scenes. Thank you to Director Barbara Basel, and cast.

All are raring to go as soon as safety allows, here’s a snap of the shared scenes evening:

Looking forward to seeing this come to life on stage!